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Hide and Seek

"I was born and raised in Mexico, and the Spanish language is an integral part of my identity. I am pleased to share my knowledge and passion for the language with students curious about my culture. It brings me joy and motivates me every day."
Sandra Cano

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Teaching Philosophy

As a Spanish teacher, I strive to create a safe and welcoming environment where students can express themselves, participate, and stay engaged because they feel valued. I also provide student-centered learning to discover their interests by fostering respectful relationships. This approach enhances the learning experience as I consider their personalities, cultural backgrounds, learning capacities, and individual needs. By recognizing and embracing these differences, I can tailor my teaching methods to promote a growth mindset through meaningful partner activities and group discussions. Feedback from school administrators, staff, parents, and, most importantly, my students helps me identify areas for improvement and directs me toward professional development opportunities to fulfill my goal of preparing my students to communicate effectively in a second language and gain a new perspective on life that fosters empathy and understanding toward others through exploring the Hispanic culture.​

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